​The ProjectiYoruba storage chest is made from wood and upholstered in hand painted Yorùbá cotton fabric, otherwise called Adirẹ. This work seeks to reconcile art with functionality. 

The fabric motif is titled ‘Cycle of Life’. It is a warm reminder that everything big started small and that life is in stages/phases.  We must be patient as we work hard through our way to the top. In summary in Yoruba, it is said: Àsìkò ni gbogbo nkan; tẹ́lẹ̀dá láṣẹ.

The ‘Life Cycle’ chest is perfect for brightening any space mostly recommended for the bedroom. It is great for storing blankets, curtains, children’s toys, etc. The height is 55cm, and the length is 83cm while the width is 43cm.

The chest cost R1, 850.

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