Projecti Yoruba is a labour of love that celebrates art through wood, fabric and stories [igi, aso ati itan].


The Origins

Projecti Yoruba is a new venture by artists for artists, art lover, collectors and lovers of all things original and beautiful. Although proudly conceived in South Africa, Projecti Yoruba draws most of its inspiration from the Yoruba people of Nigeria (West Africa). This is highlighted in the name, which simply means a Yoruba Project.


Fabric art

Yorubaland is rich with art, culture and stories – a fact which inspired the creation of Projecti Yoruba. One of the most artistic things that Yoruba people are known for is their fabric art. They have been making tie and dye fabric using leaves and other natural resources for centuries – an art which has culminated into a proudly Yoruba fabric called adire.

This beautiful fabric which comes in different patterns, colours and styles, all of which have a story or lesson to teach. For many generations, the Yorubas have used adire and Yoruba proverns to tell tales and impart wisdom to both the young and the old.

In a nutshell: Projecti Yoruba is about telling stories through fabric and wood art. We make furniture and home decor that tells stories and imparts knowledge. Our first collect, which launched in April 2017 is called the Akobi Collection.


The Akọbi Collection

Projecti Yoruba’s first offering is Akọbi (the first born) and it consists  of 5 fabrics, 5 bible verses, 5 proverbs, 13 pillows, 7 ottomans, 7 frames. Want to see and know more about this collection? Read our next blog post The Akọbi Collection: wood, fabric and stories.