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ProjectiYoruba is a labour of love that celebrates African art through fabric, wood and stories [aso ,igi, ati itan]. We handcraft and sell ottomans & home decor pieces such as wall art.

Meet our first handcrafted/upholstered ottoman furniture and interior production. It is a quintuplet with 5 fabrics, 5 stories, 5 lessons, 5 proverbs, 13 pillows, 7 ottomans and 7 wall art decor!


Life lessons from the ProjectiYoruba quintuplet

By Akindele Olufemi Olunloyo

“The Yoruba of West Africa are responsible for some of the finest artistic traditions in Africa” (Drewal, Pemberton & Abiodun, 1989). Wood, fabric and stories form important cultural elements of art, craft and everyday living in Yorubaland. For ages, the Yorubas have been passing down historical messages and events of the past to the younger generation using components of culture…

Prof. Mamokgethi Phakeng for ProjectiYoruba

By Prof. Mamokgethi Phakeng

Ladies & gentlemen, compatriots, bazalwane, members of the LGBTIQA+ and members of the opposition please have a look at what I got from Akindele today. Yes he makes ottomans and this range is called ‘Project Yoruba’ hand made with hand painted fabric from Nigeria. Very comfortable. One ottoman costs R1500, so I decided to get two. I saw smaller ones too made from mixed materials costing R350…

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Our first handcrafted collection. ​It has quintuplets with 5 fabrics, 5 stories, 5 bible verses, 5 lessons, 5 proverbs, 13 pillows, 7 ottomans and 7 frames. Contact us now to place your order.

"Our ottomans are proudly Yoruba and handmade with love in South Africa".